Exploring Celebrity Cheat Meals: From John Cena's French Toast to Selena Gomez's Pickle Popcorn

On this channel, we often hear the phrase 'everything in moderation. ' But can moderation be taken too far. In this post, we explore celebrity cheat meals, but with a twist - we're only allowing ourselves 100 calorie portions.

John Cena's French Toast

Our first celebrity on the list is John Cena, the accomplished wrestler turned actor. We start with a mouthwatering plate of French toast, topped with strawberries and bananas. But wait, there's more - a pocket muffin from Tim Gordon. The French toast alone is a whopping 470 calories, and the muffin adds another 380 calories. That's a total of 850 calories for this breakfast indulgence.

Selena Gomez's Pickle Popcorn

Next up, we have Selena Gomez, known for her role as Alex Russo. Her unique cheat meal involves dipping popcorn into pickle juice. It may sound strange, but the combination of brininess from the pickles and the saltiness and butteriness from the popcorn creates a surprisingly addictive snack. We weigh out 20 grams of popcorn, which amounts to just 100 calories.

Burning 100 Calories

After indulging in these delicious treats, it's time to burn off some calories. We try three different cardio exercises to see which one burns 100 calories the fastest. We start with running, followed by jump rope, and finish off with aerobic dance. Each exercise challenges us in different ways, but all contribute to burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Cheat Meals

For our post-workout meal, we explore the cheat meals of power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan's go-to cheat meal is a slice of New York-style pizza, specifically from Patsy's Pizzeria. We weigh out 42 grams of pizza, which amounts to 100 calories. Blake, on the other hand, enjoys two burgers - one bacon cheeseburger and one burger with chili. We calculate that one burger with chili is approximately 100 calories.

The Battle of Fried Chicken

Lastly, we settle the debate between KFC and Popeyes. The Kardashians can't agree on which fried chicken is better, so we take matters into our own hands. We taste test both and determine that Popeyes reigns supreme in terms of flavor and overall satisfaction.


Indulging in cheat meals can be a fun and delicious way to satisfy cravings, but it's important to be mindful of portion sizes and calorie intake. 100 calories may not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference in your overall diet. Remember to enjoy your favorite treats in moderation and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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