Review of Dove Skin Care Products for Skin of Color

Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash

The Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash is a great option for babies with sensitive skin. It contains glycerin, which is a hydrating humectant, and gentle surfactants like cocoa middle propyl betaine and sodium coca glycinate. It is fragrance-free, which is important to avoid contact dermatitis. Overall, this product is worth buying.

Dove Sensitive Skin

The Dove Sensitive Skin product is not recommended for sensitive or acne-prone skin. It contains ingredients like stearic acid and sodium tallowate, which can be drying and potentially lead to breakouts. It's best to avoid this product.

Derma Series Dry Skin Relief Milky Face Wash

The Derma Series Dry Skin Relief Milky Face Wash is a fragrance-free product that contains emollients like petrolatum, glycosteroids, and visceral steroid. These ingredients help soften the skin and improve its smoothness. Although it contains stearic acid and seetal alcohol, which are mildly comedogenic, they are not a concern since this is a wash-off product. It is recommended to use this face wash.

Hand Cream

The Dove Hand Cream is a thick and moisturizing product that is perfect for dry and cracked hands. It contains emollients like cyclopentacyloxane, dimethicone, and glycerin, which provide deep hydration. It is fragrance-free and suitable for eczema-prone skin. This hand cream is highly recommended.

Derms Series Dry Skin Relief Face Cream SPF 15

The Derms Series Dry Skin Relief Face Cream SPF 15 is a chemical sunscreen, but it is not recommended for skin of color. It is better to opt for a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Physical sunscreens also provide better reflection of thermal energy on the skin. Additionally, this product contains ascorbic acid with a low pH, which can be irritating during the day. It is best to avoid this product and choose a higher SPF sunscreen.

Derm Series Body Wash

The Derm Series Body Wash is a gentle cleanser that is suitable for most skin types. It contains cocoa middle propyl betaine, which is a mild surfactant, and it is fragrance-free. However, it does contain lauric acid, which can be comedogenic and may cause acne on the body. If you have acne-prone skin, it's best to avoid this product. Otherwise, it is a good option to purchase.

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