The Impact of Restrictive Diets on Your Relationship with Food

Today, we want to discuss the negative effects of restrictive diets like Optavia on your relationship with food. We'll delve into the details of Optavia and how it can create a distorted view of nutrition and food. Let's get started.

Understanding Optavia

Optavia is a highly restrictive diet program that promotes rapid weight loss through a five-in-one plan. This plan involves consuming five small meals or supplements throughout the day, along with one lean and green meal. However, these so-called 'meals' are actually products purchased from the weight loss company.

While Optavia may produce quick results, it's important to note that the program severely limits calorie intake to around 800 to 1000 calories per day. This extreme calorie deficit can lead to metabolic damage, digestive issues, and even thyroid problems.

The Problem with Optavia

One of the major issues with Optavia is that it creates a warped relationship with food. Many people on the program defend it by claiming that it helps them develop a better relationship with food. However, when you examine what they're actually eating, it becomes clear that they're relying on processed supplements rather than wholesome foods.

Optavia encourages the consumption of their products even after you've completed the program, which can be financially burdensome and unsustainable in the long run. Additionally, the program's emphasis on lean and green meals can lead to a skewed perception of what constitutes a balanced meal. Carbohydrates and certain vegetables are discouraged, further perpetuating a restrictive mindset.

The Impact on Your Children

Optavia claims that the lean and green meal is family-friendly. However, it's unrealistic to expect children to eat lean protein and limited vegetables for dinner. By following this program, you inadvertently teach your children that supplements are necessary for a healthy relationship with food. This can lead to a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and distorted views on nutrition.

A Better Approach

If you're considering Optavia or are currently on the program, we urge you to reassess and explore alternative methods that prioritize a healthy relationship with food. It's crucial to develop a solid understanding of nutrition and create sustainable habits that work for your individual needs.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to weight loss. Quick fixes like Optavia may provide temporary results, but they often lead to weight regain and numerous health issues. Instead, focus on gradually implementing healthy habits and learning about proper nutrition to achieve long-term success.


We hope this article has shed light on the detrimental effects of restrictive diets like Optavia. It's essential to prioritize your health and well-being by adopting sustainable and balanced eating habits.

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