The Life-Changing Prescription for Weight Loss: An Affordable Solution

All those who've had trouble losing and keeping weight off say one prescription has been life changing. But last month, a lowcost version of the drug was banned in Louisiana. Since then, many of you have wondered how you could continue to get your affordable prescription. And while the story is still unfolding in tonight's weight loss Wednesday, May Ferris has some answers.

Weight Loss Journeys

Christopher Kazan and Ashley de Rays share their weight loss journeys, both having tried various diets and exercise regimens. They struggled with hunger, lethargy, and unsustainable results. However, their motivation to seek treatment came when Christopher became a newlywed and Ashley became a first-time mom.

The Prescription

Ashley and Christopher turned to Chronos Body Health Wellness in Metairie, where Dr. Mae Scott prescribed weekly injections of semaglutide or trazepatide. These medications mimic naturally occurring hormones that act on appetite centers in the brain and gut, making you feel full and reducing hunger.

Results and Benefits

Both Ashley and Christopher have experienced significant weight loss and are halfway to their goals. They appreciate that they can still enjoy their favorite foods in moderation. The medications have not only helped them lose weight but have also improved their overall health, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Cost Issue

While the FDA-approved brands of the medications can be expensive, pharmacies have been compounding the prescription at a lower cost. However, due to a slight variation in the compounded formula, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy recently banned it in the state. This has caused concern among patients who rely on the affordable compounded versions.

Availability and Future

Fortunately, certain clinics and medical groups can still provide the lower cost compounded medications, as they use the same FDA-approved base formula without the added salt. However, this may only be a temporary solution, as the brands are currently on the national shortage list. Compounding pharmacies are determined to fight for the availability of the medication, as they believe it is a game changer for weight loss.


For many individuals struggling with weight loss, the prescription of semaglutide or trazepatide has been a life changer. The affordability and effectiveness of these medications have helped numerous patients achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. While challenges exist regarding availability and cost, there is hope that the medication will continue to be accessible to those who need it.

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