Healthy and Delicious 28-Day Reset Lunch Ideas

BLTs with a Twist. BLTs with a Twist If you're looking for a tasty and healthy lunch option, these BLTs with a twist are perfect for you. Made with sweet potato slices instead of bread, these sandwiches are gluten-free, dairy-free, and packed with flavor. Simply slice a sweet potato, bake it until crispy, and use it as the base for your sandwich. Add some mustard, bacon (or a plant-based alternative), lettuce, tomato, and more mustard, and you're good to go. These mini sandwiches are not only adorable but also insanely delicious. . If you're looking for a tasty and healthy ... [Read More]

The Impact of Diet on Longevity: Exploring the Link Between Protein Intake and Lifespan

The Importance of Protein in a Plant-Based Diet. The Importance of Protein in a Plant-Based Diet One of the most significant findings of the last decade is the correlation between carbohydrate intake and early death. Studies have shown that diets rich in animal products, such as paleo and keto diets, are associated with higher mortality rates. Despite temporary improvements in weight and glucose control, low-carbohydrate diets have been linked to shorter lifespans. On the other hand, plant-based diets that prioritize protein from sources like broccoli, nuts, seeds, beans, and soybeans have been found to promote longevity. . One of the ... [Read More]

Review of Ordained Organic Protein Powder: Taste, Texture, and Nutrient Profile

In this post, we are going to review Ordained Organic Protein Powder. We will be evaluating this product based on taste, texture, smell, nutrient profile, price, and where to buy. If it checks out in at least three out of five categories, it will receive our Plant Strength Approved seal of approval. Taste Test. Taste Test When it comes to protein powders, taste is often a concern. But we were pleasantly surprised by the taste of Ordained Organic Protein Powder. It has a good taste overall, especially for a vegan protein powder. However, we found that adding a little low-calorie ... [Read More]

Surprising Reason for Weight Gain and How to Address It

Today, I want to discuss a surprising reason that may be causing you to gain weight. If you're new here, I'm Tracy and I create fitness, wellness, and lifestyle videos every week. The Impact of Being a Vegetarian or Vegan. The Impact of Being a Vegetarian or Vegan First of all, let me say that I fully support your choice to be a vegetarian or vegan. It's not only great for your body but also for the planet. However, I've noticed that many women who have made this choice are experiencing an expanding waistline and feeling frustrated about it. . ... [Read More]